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Colors X Good

COLORSXGOOD is a project created to do good things through these colourful bracelets.

The idea is to change the world through something as simple as a bracelet.

The brand are huge believers in social responsibility and the power businesses have to do good through their work.

The founders Astrid and Alessandro, on the search to set up this production model, found a small village where women didn't have job opportunities, El Cuyo in the Yucatán- Mexico, is a very small fishing village, where the women are limited to being 'the Fishermans wife', it would be much easier to set this up in a city, but they decided to do it here as it really would have a social impact.

Thanks to this opportunity, these women have been able to grow and today have a real purpose due to the simple fact that they now have a job and they're independent. This has had made a huge difference in their self esteem and in the way they children, their husbands and their community perceives them.

They have been brought to the UK by Loula Social, who's dream is to replicate what has been achieved in El Cuyo and take it to other communities where women need job opportunities.

They are an ever growing group of conscious humans determined to make the world a better place and what is most inspiring is to know that so many people share this philosophy. Thank you for supporting this project so that it really can become a movement that will lead to big changes.