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The Happy Newspaper
The Happy Newspaper
The Happy Newspaper
The Happy Newspaper
The Happy Newspaper
Emily Coxhead

The Happy Newspaper


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Who doesn't like to hear good news?  We certainly do, which is why we have decided to brighten up your lives by stocking the fabulous 'The Happy Newspaper' by Emily Coxhead.

We've been huge fans of Emily's for a long time, loving the way she spreads positive vibes with everything she does.  We could all do with a bit of this right now, couldn't we?

The Happy Newspaper is a colourful, 32 page newspaper celebrating only good news! It's like a little piece of sunshine through your letterbox 😁

  • - Suitable and loved by all ages
  • - Features news from all over the world
  • - No boring adverts
  • - Stitched and trimmed which makes it easier for the young and elderly as it doesn’t fall apart
  • - Colourful and illustrated
  • - 26.5 x 34 cm
  • - 54 GSM recycled blend stock (basically not grey newsprint which only lasts 24 hours – we want The Happy Newspaper to be able to be shared around)
  • - Published once every three months
  • (The latest issue is the one with the highest number)

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