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Bundle Beds

Bundle Beds is the future of sleeping over, sleeping out, camping and adventures. The Bundle Bed mission is to provide a great night's sleep, anywhere!
Whether friends are having a sleepover or are off on an adventure together; whether family are camping, a fellow student is crashing at your place, or guests have made a surprise visit - Bundle Beds aim to be at the heart of all things sleep.
A Bundle Bed is a self-contained, fully-bundled bed, complete with a slim, but deceptively-comfortable self-inflating mattress, built in luxury duvet and pillow with ultra cosy sheets to provide comfort, warmth and a great night's sleep.
The concept of the Bundle Bed came from Brit Lucy, a disgruntled camper, fed up with inflating, deflating & patching up useless airbeds and sleeping on damp, cold bedding.  She was so frustrated that one night over dinner with friends she explained her concept for a warm cosy self inflating bed that would provide the perfect nights sleep.  Her husbands friend James was all ears and between them the Bundle Bed was born!