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Top 10 Stocking Fillers under £10

Written by Charlotte Williams


At The Wee Store HQ we're always looking for solutions for parents, just to try to help make life a little easier.  To this end we've put together a few 'Top 10's', starting with our pick of our Top 10 Stocking Fillers! 

We've got some great little bits which won't break the bank & will brighten up any Santa stocking with some lovely goodies from our wee independent store!

1) Brickstix are new in at The Wee Store and offer a new way to play with Lego®.  Simply stick the stickers on to your favourite Lego® pieces and create a whole new Lego® world!  Brickstix Reusable Lego® Stickers - Shop £4.95 (other themes available)

brickstix shops

2) ChaCha Kids offer some great little pick up's.  There's a wide selection to choose from & we have more on their way, but we can't get enough of the air pipe! £1.20

chacha air pipe

3) Another top hit, again from ChaCha Kids, is their awesome touchable bubbles at £1.00.  One customer loved these so much she made personalised necklaces for all her friends using them as pendants - love it!

chacha touchable bubbles 

4) Next up are Scribble Down transfer packs.  At just £2.95 they offer a good half an hour of peace and quiet for you whilst the kids rub away at the transfers.  We like Wild Adventures At The Waterhole, but there are a selection to choose from.

scribble down wild adventures at the watering hole 

5) Temporary tattoos are a fun way for kids to have some imaginative role play and Meri Meri offer some amazing tattoos, ranging from £1.75 to £1.95, or we have glow in the dark packs from Petit Monkey for just £5.95.

meri meri neon rainbow tattoospetit monkey glow in the dark tattoos

6) Petit Collage are a new brand for The Wee Store, offering a variety of puzzles & toys for all ages.  We like their 'petit puzzles' for a very affordable £3.95 stocking filler.  (Shown is the astronaut version, but we have more options available.)

petit collage astronaut petit puzzle

7) Acorn & Will are a British brand offering super cool, on trend pin badges.  They're just £6.95, great for boys and girls with a choice of designs from robots to hot dogs!  We've just ordered a top up, so keep an eye out as there should be new stock coming this week.

acorn and will enamel robot pin 

8) Don't forget if you have a light box we offer the gorgeous A Little Lovely Company letter packs.  Check out the Celebrations pack for all the icons you need for the festive season for £7.95.

a little lovely company celebrations letter pack 

9) Another huge hit from Petit Collage is their amazing activity sticker sets.  These have been very popular (you won't get them this side of Christmas) and we only have the Roads & Rails version left, so if you like them don't hesitate! Just £7.95.

petit collage roads and rails sticker activity setpetit collage roads and rails sticker activity set

10) Finally, kids love stickers and at £6.95 this Meri Meri Christmas Mini Sticker Roll is perfect to keep them busy.

meri meri mini christmas sticker roll 

Look out for our next Top 10 installment - Top 10 Gifts for Babies!

Lucie & Charlie