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Teddy bear ninja picnic party

Written by Lucie Carr


Posted on June 09 2016

If you go down to the woods today you’d better be in disguise…

When I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her 3rd birthday I was holding my breath waiting for the usual Frozen, Peppa Pig, soft play sort of answer. So, when she said after a few moments she wanted a Teddy Bear Ninja picnic I was really chuffed our wee girl was choosing to be individual.

I was quite excited with the challenge Vivienne had set me. As a child the best parties I remember were the ones at home with a few of my friends, a home made birthday cake and pass the parcel. It couldn’t be that hard right?…

Her vision was very much decided upon right down to the what she wanted the invite to look like and who was invited. She is a girl who knows her own mind and I was more than delighted to embrace it.



With the invitations sent out the next thing to plan was the actual ‘picnic’. Early Spring is not a great time for the outdoors so we decided to transform her bedroom for the event.




Even Mr Blobby and Hello Kitty made masked appearances.




No Teddy Bear Ninja Picnic is complete without a Bear Hunt. Before we set out on our adventure we did an arts and crafts session when everyone first arrived and the children all made a Michael Rosen We’re Going On A Bear Hunt map (from Buggy and Buddy, an educational creative resource website).

It was the quietest kids party I’ve experienced. Heads were down and there wasn’t a peep to be heard as the little ninjas in training concentrated on making their maps.




What we used for our maps:

Roughly A4 size cardboard
Glue spreaders
Brown leaves collected (you can use brown paint for this bit if its summer)
Shiny blue paper
Green felt cut in to triangles
Green card
Small lollipop sticks cut in half
Cotton wool
Brown furry fabric swatches
Black pen, pencil or crayon


Here’s a version Vivienne and I had prepared earlier. For this one we used green pipe cleaners for the grass instead of card and painted a green texture on paper cut in to triangles instead of felt for the treetops.



It was time for the little Shinobi’s to get their wellies on and go the bear hunt. I had spent the morning hiding clues around the house and in the village within an easy walk, all based on the well known Michael Rosen story.







The ages of the guests varied from aged 1 to 6. Just another challenge to the party! So the bear hunt was a great chance to get the older adventurers in the group to feel grown up and involved by leading the way, reading out the clues and to keep the little ones safe as they ventured around the village.



There was even a snowstorm! Albeit kids foam soap (£2 from any supermarket). A total hit with all the mini hunters.



After quite a lot of activities it was time to settle down with the teddies for the much awaited picnic back in the cosy comforts of the great indoors. Vivi-San and her Samuri friends had worked up quite an appetite. They feasted on shuriken star and teddy shaped sandwiches, Bear dried fruit and Pom Bears, all cutely packaged in teddy bear themed craft boxes which Vivienne helped decorate and prepare.



My husband painted a big ninja teddy on a giant cardboard box and cut out a hole the day before the party. So after the kids were fuelled up on party food it was time to play a few rounds of Feed Big Ninja Ted. Each child took turns to throw their teddies in to the hole standing from a line. Then it was time to finish up with a classic game of Hide ‘N’ Seek (The Teddy) to see if the ninjas were fully trained. Which of course they were! The sun was on our side so we were able to carry on the party outside (A Little Lovely Company Banner available from The Wee Store).



The Teddy Bear Ninja Picnic party was well and truly done and the kids went away happy with their bear hunt maps and fully loaded loot bags containing Rookie Ninja Chopsticks (available from Oriental Trading), tattoos, sticky ninja wall tumblers and most importantly CAKE (lovingly home made by Auntie Sara – YUM).



I wonder what our wee ninja has in store for her 4th birthday…


Natalie is a super talented designer friend of The Wee Store & mum to Viv & Max. You can check out here website here and she also posts some great kiddy crafts on her facebook page here.





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