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Team Boob

Written by Buz Williams


team boob

The Team Boob story so far…

Team Boob is nearly turning 10 & in our short life, we have managed to…

Raise over £23k (supporting Breast Cancer Care & Macmillan Cancer Support)

Cycle over 2,000 miles

Walk over 150 miles

Back in 2009, our beautiful son Kurt was born & in the same year my beautiful wife Charlie discovered that she had a lump on her left breast. After various trips to the Dr’s, Medical Centres & Hospital, Charlie was diagnosed with type 3 breast cancer.

I remember accompanying Charlie to the medical centre to pick-up her results, only to be the last couple standing in the waiting room, then being ushered in a square sterile room & being told they were going to record our meeting, just in case we were unable to process the information that Charlie was about to have downloaded upon her.

It’s like being punched in the face & having no idea what it meant to Charlie, what did Charlie need to prepare & did this mean the grim reaper was paying us a visit! Armed with our CD (sadly it was not a playlist of your favourite tracks, it was some other weird soundtrack), lots of paperwork, lots of leaflets, we headed home to process the information & almost on autopilot, I found a folder, inserted all of the paperwork & then put a white sticker on the front of the folder & wrote the words ‘Team Boob’.

Little did I know that these two words would change our lives for ever. As Charlie went through all of the chemotherapy, radiotherapy, tablets, sickness, baldness, I decided I should suffer too, so that’s when I decided to start fundraising as Team Boob & took on my first challenge that has kept me & others busy for the past 9 years. I’m all about raising money for charity, but Charlie says I’m now doing it for myself.

After 5 years, our friends insisted that they did not want to join me on any future challenges, instead wanting to find a suitable alternative to donate to Breast Cancer Care. During one Christmas party in 2014, our good friend Issi suggested that we organise a family weekend to raise money & here is where Camp Boob was born. So, each year, I organise a family camping weekend & on the Saturday night, we have a fancy dress party followed by the official Team Boob Raffle. The weekend is getting bigger each year & this year’s fancy dress theme is Strictly Ballroom.

Whatever way you look at it, Team Boob has been a good friend, a fun distraction, a new way to challenge yourself, a new way to connect to old friends, meet new friend & experience new things. Our simple plan is to take on a number of personal challenges throughout the year & organise one big spectacular camping weekend for the Team Boob family.

Because doing something little, can change a lot of things on a personal, family, friendship and charity level! Believe it or not, doing something for other people makes you feel good!

Team Boob Social Club


Twitter: @TeamBoob

Instagram: @team.boob



Breast Cancer Care:

History of Team Boob


Target: £1,000.00 (£20.00 raised so far)

Challenges: 5th Camp Boob (theme: Strictly Ballroom), Louisa Hirst running Brighton Half Marathon & Hadrian’s Wall hike from Bowness-on-Solway to Newcastle (85m over four days)


Raised: £2,242.00

Challenges: Camp Boob (theme: Kings & Queens) & London to Amsterdam bike ride (160m)


Raised: £1,001.00

Challenges: Camp Boob (theme: circus)


Raised: £2,756.58

Challenges: The Color Run (3.5m), Santa Dash (3.5m), Camp Boob (theme: cowboys), London to Paris bike ride (320m), Heroes 3.5m Run & Race to the King Arundel to Winchester hike (55m)


Raised: £1,050.00

Challenges: 1st Camp Boob (theme: Star Wars) & mini-Camp Boob walk (10m)


Raised: £2,895.00

Challenges: Heroes Run (3.5m), Arundel to Shoreham hike (15m) & Lands’ End to John O’Groats bike ride over 9 days (over 900m)


Raised: £1,529.00

Challenges: Heroes Run (3.5m), Guildford to Hove bike ride dressed in onesies (2 x 45m), Cuckmere to Beachy Head hike (10m) & Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 (110m)


Raised: £3,000.00

Challenges: London to Brighton on a fold up bike (55m), Heroes Run (3.5m), Eastbourne to Hove bike ride (26m) & South Downs hike from Lewis to Devils Dyke (15m)


Raised: £4,221.00

Challenges: Portsmouth to Hove bike ride (50m), Newbury to Paddington bike ride (65m), London to Brighton (55m) & cycle around the Isle of Wight (60m)


Raised: £4,433.00

Challenges: London to Brighton bike ride (55m)

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