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Tales of Me

Written by Charlotte Williams


kirsten and natalie

Hi! We are Natalie & Kirsten, two Brighton based mums of two, who set up ‘Tales of Me,’ to help children navigate the big milestones and times of change in their lives, by creating a range of unique children’s books. 

Many events take place in children’s lives that can be unsettling and hard for children to truly understand. Therefore we made it our mission to ease these transitions through beautifully designed books that can be personalised with photographs. By adding photographs to their Tales, children directly participate in the story as it becomes about them. The Tale becomes instantly relatable and involves them from the start of whatever changes lay ahead.

tales of me 

Our first title, ‘The Tale of Starting School,’ helps children, (& parents,) positively prepare for starting school. Many fictional starting school books focus on a narrative where characters are either scared or worried about going to school. This can be helpful if a child is feeling the same way, but very unhelpful if they don’t think that school is something to be anxious about.


Using my experience as a Reception teacher, and Kirsten’s incredible illustrations, we designed a book that focuses on the practical elements of preparing for school. Often it is the little things that children worry about such as; Where will I eat lunch? Where will I put my things? Do schools have toilets? All of these areas, and many more, are covered in ‘The Tale of Starting School’. Every page has space for a photograph so that the book becomes about their school and their unique experience. Each time children add to and read their Tale, they become more familiar with their new environment, new teachers, new routines and even their new friends; so that come September, they are ready to start, ready to learn and most importantly ready to have fun on their new adventure at school.

People often talk about children being ‘school ready,’ in relation to practical things that children can or cannot do. Whilst it obviously benefits children to be able to dress independently, recognise their name or wipe their own bottoms etc. It is our belief that true school readiness comes from being emotionally prepared for school, with a positive attitude towards the changes, challenges and adventures ahead; and that is what our book, ‘The Tale of Starting School’, aims to do.

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