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Story – combining storytelling with imaginative play

Written by Lucie Carr


Award winning Brighton based mum, Melanie Smith, has created STORY – “walk-in books” for children.

They provide children with everything they need to create their own imagined worlds in which they are the authors, creating the characters and writing their very own stories.

Each STORY kit has a suitcase that holds all the ingredients for different adventures, such as ‘An Adventure to the Woods’, ‘An Adventure Beneath the Sea’, and ‘An Adventure into Space’.

There is a STORY character, a mask for the child to wear, maps of the different destinations and a set of ten STORY cards.

These cards provide the beginnings of five different stories and five different quests to help the child develop their stories further. They provide additional prompts which will help those children who find the open-ended nature of STORY a bit more challenging.

STORY is a wonderful new product that addresses the decline in creative thinking and free play amongst children by combining storytelling with play.

Melanie’s “walk-in books” aim to encourage children to read and write more by teaching them the thrill and joy of creating their own stories.

The first “walk in book” An Adventure to the Woods is available exclusively via their kickstarter campaign running until the 20th of March.

Everything about STORY is fantastic including the packaging making these wee suitcases the perfect gift.

At the time of publishing this post, STORY is currently 40% funded. The Wee Department Store wishes Melanie lots of luck with her campaign. Let’s hope she makes it to 100% (and more).

Let’s make learning to read and write much more fun!