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Printed Peanut Paper Doll’s House

Written by Lucie Carr


We were recommended The Printed Peanut by one of our customers and decided to stock them. They are all designed by illustrator, Louise Lockart, who’s aim is to keep traditional toys and games alive with a creative and modern twist. This is very similar to the ethos of The Wee Department Store. A perfect match!

Her Paper Doll’s House is a folded printed card house, printed on both sides. It is a modern take on a classic doll’s house, full of mid-century furniture like Ercol daybeds and Eames chairs. Louise’s rich illustration is crammed full of details guaranteed to please art and design lovers. Each one comes complete with a sheet of paper people, pets and other additions to the house to cut out and stand inside.


They have proved popular over the last couple of years with people all over the world looking for a beautifully designed toy that can be played with or displayed like an art print.

Until now Louise has had them digitally printed and assembles them by hand, after cutting and folding each one.

The Printed Peanut’s products are all made by small manufacturers in Britain, and Louise wants to use a wonderful printing co-operative in East London that uses old fashioned spot-lithography to print small runs of books and other products. The glowing colours of the hand-mixed inks give a look that can’t be replicated by digital printing.

The Printed Peanut has over 50 stockists world wide and Louise hasn’t got the time to hand-assemble each one anymore. This is the perfect solution to keeping these beautiful toys made in Britain.

She is using crowd-funding to try and raise money to cover the printing costs. The dolls houses will be £10 each and you can be one of the first to own one by sponsoring her.

We are delighted to be able to give her a wee shout out and really hope that she meets her target. Best of luck Louise X

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