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Playful Pop!

Written by Lucie Carr


Clare Weston, of For The Small fame, has done a Playful Pop edit for our blog.

Autumn goes all Playful Pop at The Wee Store with plenty of candy cuteness to brighten up those darker, leaf filled days. The 90s has been making a comeback this year with the revival of familiar sportswear brands, oversized customised denim and novelty decorated backpacks.

We love a bit of do-it-yourself style with playful decoration in the way of easy iron-on patches from Meri Meri and Jennie Maizels.

Pop on novelty enamel pin badges of emoji like characters from Acorn & Will onto accessories and jackets. A perfect unisex trend ideal for both grown-ups and little ones for a bit of mini-me expression filled style.


For inside, tidy away toys with a bit of Disney nostalgia in the Play & Go Disney collaborated storage bags with the unmissable silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie.

And not just for the kids room incorporate sugary coloured prints from Yellow Owl Workshop or a retro neon light-up heart from A Lovely Little Company to brighten any room in the house.

As well as the classic smiley; kitsch unicorns, rainbows and everyday objects make for the perfect prints on cards by 1973 and Eef Lillemor all written using colourful rainbow pens from Acorn & Will.

Wee love this pop bright trend for the Autumn season.