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New Years Solutions - a recommendation!

Written by Charlotte Williams


new year solutions

Happy New Year everyone! 

We all start the New Year with the best intentions, what with dry January & now Veganuary.  I'm quite the philistine myself - my mums birthday is 4th Jan and we can't seem to get passed the date without celebrating with a drink or two. 

This time, on our day out with mum to celebrate her birthday, I was telling my sister about the new local plastic free pantry shop that's opened around the corner from me (Harriet's of Hove), which I am super excited about, and she in turn recommended listening to BBC Sounds New Years Solutions with Jo Fidgen.

In the series of podcasts Jo discusses all sorts of small changes we as a nation can make in order to combat climate change.  

I've been listening to them on my (bike) ride into work and they really have made me stop and think.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm quite sceptical (unlike Lucie, the yogi), but I honestly think there are small things I will now be doing to 'do my bit'. 

Yes, my showers probably are longer than they need to be, yes I probably do eat more meat than I should (especially beef - how many things can a girl born in the 70's make with mince?) and yes I probably could buy less volume, but more sustainable clothes from ethical factories.

If we all make a few tiny changes then we know it will add up, so have a listen and let us know what you think.  It would be great to get your comments.