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Make Your Own Bat Bag in time for Halloween!

Written by Lucie Carr


Posted on October 11 2017

Dawn East from The Amazing Art Cart fame has supplied us with another awesome crafty post. This one is perfect for some pre-Halloween fun and looks super easy which is a big thumbs up from me...

Step 1: Dig around in the recycling and find a box. Snip off the top flaps and paint.

Step 2: Cat some bat ears and wings and fold over the ends of the wings ready to glue onto the box. 

Step 3: Glue your wings and ears on, punch a hole in each side for the ribbon.

Step 4: It's looking pretty good!

Step 5: Cut some fangs, eyes and some lines onto the wings. You could add some glow in the dark paint or glitter to make it extra special.

Step 6: Add some ribbon.

Step 7: Go trick or treating, collect loads of sweets and show off your super cool bat bag!

You can check out Dawn's website here and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



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