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Interview with Kate Van Der Hage, celebrated children’s stylist

Written by Lucie Carr


March 2015 Milk Magazine cover (Photography by Sandra Freij )

Kate is a well-renowned UK based children’s stylist who also travels all over the world with her work. She regularly styles features for magazines including Milk, Papier Mache, Enfant Terrible and Junior as well as working directly alongside many of the big children’s brands.

Here are some glimpses of her work…

Paddington Bear Campaign, Baby Gap (Photography by Stefano Azario)


Q&A with Kate…

She took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for The Wee Department Store.

Lucy: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Kate: From films, Instagram, old photos by famous photographers, magazines.

Lucy: Do you follow anyone on social media, bloggers etc?

Kate: No blogs but Smudgetikka on Instagram.

Lucy: What are your favourite children’s magazines?

Kate: Milk, Paper Mache, Enfant Terrible.

Lucy: What are your favourite props?

Kate: Lots of hats and furniture from my house.

Lucy: What are your favourite children’s brands?

Kate: Brands that I know and love…

Bobo Choses (who have another excellent collection this season based on “The Unknown Mountain Journey” and re launching new home wear pieces). Bang Bang Copenhagen, Wolf & Rita, Soft Gallery, Indikidual, Ruff and Huddle, Little Remix, Oeuf NYC and Wovenplay

I like a mixture of fun and creative pieces. I love prints, interesting shapes and cuts. I think with kids clothes, there is scope to play. Bang Bang Copenhagen and Wovenplay are great for this.

New and exciting labels I found and looking forward to working with…

Nobodinoz (similar to Bobo Choses, is another fun and exciting Spanish brand fun), Tambere (a French/Japanese company), Milk & Biscuits, HBB Industria Argentina (really beautiful knits in vibrant colours) and Macarons.

Some women’s wear labels that have made nice kids collections…

Preen (really beautiful), Scotch Soda (attention to detail) and Stella McCartney (she really gets the humour of kids fashion!).

Lucy: Any secret top tips when putting together a kids outfit?

Kate: It should be fun most importantly, lots of clashing of colours and patterns!

Lucy: What do you think of parents and children matching?

Kate: I’m not a fan of parents and kids dressing the same.

Lucy: Any definite no nos when it comes to kids fashion?

Kate: Impractical clothes – the Italian adult designers tend to do this. Children shouldn’t be afraid to play in their clothes.

Lucy: How did you get into styling kids fashion shoots?

Kate: I worked at Junior magazine and enjoyed kids fashion more than adult world. I had more ideas and more freedom in styling kids. I enjoy the challenge. No two days are the same.


More of Kate’s work

“Shore Thing”, Junior Magazine (Photography by Tim Marsella)

Papier Mache (Photography by Ulla Nyeman)

Close knits”, Junior Magazine (photography by Tim Marsella)

Milk Magazine (Photography by Joanna Paterson)

Milk Magazine (Photography by Eleanor Hardwick)


Papier Mache Magazine (Photography by Laura Alice Hart)


Huge thanks for talking to The Wee Department Store Kate!

More of Kate's work can be found here.

Interview by Lucy Oakden
(Mum of two, children’s fashion enthusiast &TWDS Customer)