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How to make your own Wee Robots

Written by Lucie Carr


I don’t come from a particularly creative/arty background and stopped doing art classes at school at a pretty young age. It has left me craving more art and creativity in my life and really keen to make this a big part of my boys upbringing. Even though I have the best intentions, I struggle to do more than a bit of colouring in, painting, building with duplo etc on a regular basis. Every week I look at my recycling bag and think that this will be the week we will craft something fun but most often end up taking it all out to be collected! 

Here’s Mia Underwood’s latest blog post on how to make robots using cardboard from your recycling. I’m off out to get pipe cleaners tomorrow so that the boys and I can give it a go! 

Wee Robot step-by-step tutorial by Mia Underwood

My Danish grandmother ‘mormor’ was a great believer of re-using stuff instead of throwing it in the recycling bin. She always re-used cardboard boxes in her craft projects, which seems to have stuck with me.

I love making characters out of cardboard with my kids – particularly robots. Kids are great at using their imaginations to turn ‘rubbish’ into fun things. It’s like magic.

They can turn a used cotton reel into a lovely bead on a necklace, bottle tops into robot buttons, shells into ears, twigs into magic wands, lollypop sticks into dream-catchers, cardboard boxes into a car, egg cartons into masks… With a bit of encouragement and guidance, the possibilities are endless.

To get your kids in the mood, why not stick on some fun music. While you are creating the robot with them, try to stimulate their imaginations – ask them what they will call their robot? What is its job? What noise does it make? Where does it live? Before you know it, you’ll find yourselves creating a story together, involving their new robot characters.

You will need:

Scissors or a serrated knife

Cardboard packaging

Sharpie pen/felt-tip pen

Glue stick (for sticking on eyes and decorations)

Decorative bits and bobs (basically whatever you have in your craft box or unwanted items) e.g.
Pipe cleaners
Colourful string/wool
Googly eyes
Colouring pens, crayons or paint
Bottle tops

Step 1

Open up the cardboard box and lay it flat on your table.



Get a pen and draw a square for the head, then a larger square for the body.


Step 2

Give the cardboard with the robot outline (including arms and legs) to your kids to let them decorate. They can colour the robot shapes in with crayons, pens or paint. You can let the kids be really creative here – try to let them work independently.


Step 3

This is a job for an adult. Cut out out the shapes with scissors. If you are using thick cardboard, you can cut it out with a sharp knife – it’s surprisingly easy – just hold the cardboard upright, insert the knife and use a sawing action to cut downwards.

Once you have cut out all the pieces, it is a good idea to create a thick outline on the cut-out shapes with a Sharpie pen. See Photos. It makes the robot shape more prominent.


For the arms and legs ,the adult will need to cut slits in them like in the template. It just needs to be 2mm wide and about 1cm deep, so you can slot them into the body. This way the little robot looks less flat and can stand up!

Step 4

You can add some pipe cleaners for a zig-zag decoration on the chest, as pictured. Draw a rectangle on the chest with the Sharpie pen and then create zig-zag holes in the rectangle area with a sharp pencil, knife or skewer.

Get the pipe cleaners. You and the kids can twist two different coloured pipe cleaners together to make it more fun and colourful. Start the threading by inserting the pipe cleaner into the first hole and bend it over at the back to fasten. Let your kid thread it through the rest of the holes. The pipe-cleaner will need to be folded over and twisted around at the back of the robot, to fasten it.

Finish off

The kids can draw on the eyes or glue on some googly eyes for a bit of fun.


Ta da!




These cardboard robots are a cheap and fun way to entertain kids for a playdate, great for decorating their bedroom or why not make a whole load of them for decorating a robot themed kids party table?


Thanks Mia for another awesome post! 

As always Wee love to hear from you so please share your Robots with us. I know Mia would be delighted to see your Wee Robots! There’ll be a prize for our favourite one. 

I will post our Wee Robots on social media very soon. Just need to get those pipe cleaners…

Check out Mia’s website here.