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How to make your own Unicorn!

Written by Lucie Carr


Our latest craft post, by the lovely Mia Underwood, is a really easy one but what I would call a “crowd pleaser”. Who doesn’t love a unicorn…the sparklier, the better Take it away Mia…


Most kids I know seem to be crazy for unicorns at the moment. They are singing about them ‘Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows’, drawing them and my daughter even has a unicorn onesie.

So I thought for this blog post lets celebrate this amazing magical beastie and you and your kids can create your very own unicorn with moving legs. Hang it on the wall to bring you happiness, good luck and to keep away any bad dreams or sad feelings.




To make the unicorn:

– A4 print-out of the unicorn TEMPLATE
– A4 card (coloured, glitter, plain, patterned etc.) – Scissors
– Split pins

Optional Decorative bits:

– Glue
– Sticky tape
– Wool/string for the tail and mane – bits of fabric to cut for the mane. – Googly eyes
– felt tip pens
– coloured pencils
– paint and paint brushes
– glitter
– feathers
– pipe cleaners
– mini pompoms


Cut-out the shapes from the print out of the unicorn template. Don’t worry about cutting the little circles, this is just a guide where the push pins will be inserted.


Once you have cut out all the elements, now you can use this as your template to draw around on your card.



Try keep your pieces as close to the edge of the card as you can and to arrange the pieces close together so you don’t waste any card. If you are using sparkly card draw on the reverse side.

Now that you have drawn around all 5 shapes on the card, your child can decorate on the card if it is plain card. They can paint, draw, stick glitter etc. Let them be creative and make a pretty mess. When they are done now get your scissors and cut-out the shapes.



When you have all 5 cut out shapes.

Get either a sharp knife or sharp point of the scissors and make a little hole in the leg pieces and the body for the split pins.

Arrange the front legs on the unicorn’s body so one is on the outside and one is on the inside of the body, do the same for the back legs.

Insert the split pins.



It is up to you how you would like to decorate your lovely unicorns. Here are a few fun ideas to get you going.

– Glue on googly eyes

– Cut-out bits of fabric for the mane and get the kids to stick on the back of the unicorn’s body with
sticky tape.

– Create a tail by cutting short bits of wool about 20cm long, knot in the middle and fold, then stick
in place on the back with sticky tape.

– Add a bit of magic by gluing on a few mini feathers and pompoms for it to take off into the happy
magical kingdom.





If you would like to hang the unicorns on the wall, try sticking on a loop of string, wool or ribbon on the back of the unicorn’s body, to hang on a peg or nail.

You could create a whole stampede of colourful sparkly unicorns running across the whole wall, imagine that!

Why not post one to a friend to spread the love x


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