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DIY Shark Mask

Written by Lucie Carr


Dawn from The Amazing Art Cart shows us how to make your own Shark Mask…

You will need:

A Paper Plate

Some pens or paint – we love Posca paint pens as they give a super smooth matt finish





Step 1 Turn your paper plate upside own and fold in half. Cut 2 equal semi circles to make the shape of the sharks face. It might help to draw the lines first as guides. Keep the offcuts – we’ll need them in a minute!

Step 2 Keeping your paper plate folded in half, use the circle on the plate as a guide to cut shark shaped teeth. Key to this is cutting gaps between the teeth and making them short and sharp!

Step 3 Use your pens to make a blue section at the top of the mask.

Step 4 Use a pink pen to draw a line around the teeth for the sharks gums.

Step 5 Now use the offcuts form the plate to make your eyes, colour them in blue and glue onto the back and stick on your eyes.

Step 6 Hole punch 2 nostrils and 2 holes on the side of the mask for the ribbon.

Ta da, well done, enjoy your shark mask.

Check out The Amazing Art Cart Website here and you can follow Dawn on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.