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A Wee Christmas Stocking Edit by Emily Kos

Written by Lucie Carr


I was officially a Christmas eve nightmare according to my older sister with whom I shared a room. It is true, mostly. Sleep escaped me on the night before Christmas, I was WAY too excited. And the most magical thing? Absolutely my Christmas stocking which I would silently (I thought) drag into the bathroom to unpack before dawn.

Now as a mum of two small boys I enjoy, just as much, making that Christmas magic happen for them. Packing a stocking for your children on Christmas eve, in your Christmas pyjamas, mug of mulled wine in hand – that’s a joyful moment of motherhood right there.

It would be easy to spend a fortune filling stockings so of course the mix is key. Pocket money treats nestle alongside chocolate coins, satsumas & special treats & I always like to top the stocking off with a special soft toy poking out the top.

Special soft toys

This Coral and Tusk trumpet toting embroidered bear £19.95 is absolutely beautiful.

As is this rather dapper gentleman wolf £44.95 both from the Wee Store.

I also love these screen printed Santas by Jane Foster £14, we get ours out every year & now use him as a festive decoration.

Crafty fun

Every good stocking needs a craft element, or a little bit of stationary. I love these eco-friendly bath crayons £4 from Scout & Co.

A neon rainbow crayon? Need I say more… £2.50 from John Lewis.


This sweet daisy chain garland £6.50 & also from John Lewis & would make a fun activity,

And these stackable animal crayons are great for little hands £6.50 from the Wee Store.

Sweet Treats

I like to throw in a few special sweet treats and Carluccio’s is always a winner for unusual Christmas bon bons like this festive tree, but get in there quick as they always sell fast £4.95.

For a Willy Wonka moment of delight try these festive marshmallows from The Hambledon £3.95.

Fun things to wear on Christmas Day

A little something to wear on Christmas day always adds to the fun & this Coral & Tusk embroidered rabbit mask is a forever gift, £35 from the Wee Store.

My son loves this wolf t-shirt from Salt City Emporium at the Wee Store £19.50 so it’s already packed & waiting for him.

The gold crown is made from upcycled leather from Mini Magpie & a pop at £10.

And who can say no to new Christmassocks, especially ones as cool as these Ubang Babblechat ones £5.95 from the Wee Store.


Fairy Wand

All their Christmas wishes granted with this impossibly pretty fairy wand from Sparkle child London £22.

Mini Santa Hats and Confetti Crackers

And finally, to add a bit of festive magic & sparkle these mini glitter Santa Hats from the The Wee Store £7.95 would be good for Christmas morning Instagram moments!

And (if you can handle the mess) a confetti cracker £14.50 from The Hambledon in your littles stocking would get squeals of delight on Christmas morning.


Old school fun…

Oh and for ultimate old school fun try a wooden spinning top with a twist. They come in red, yellow, green and blue and are from the Wee Store for £2.50 each.

Watch the video to see what we mean.

Happy Christmas Shopping!


Emily Kos is a mum of 2 lovely wee boys aged 4 and 1. She is assistant buyer at The Wee Department Store and my general accomplice. We hope to see more and more of Emily as TWDS grows. Watch this space! Lucie X