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Top 10 Gifts for Boys

Written by Charlotte Williams


The final part of our Top 10 series is for the Boys, so here's our run-down of the most awesome gifts for Boys this Christmas.

1) First up is our top pick for Christmas 2017.  Makedo have created these incredible Makedo Tool Kits (£11.95), which are literally genius.  All you need to do is put some recycling and a Makedo kit in front of your child and then leave them to it!  They can create anything they want from small cameras to giant life size rockets.  There really are no limits.

makedo tool kitmakedo

2) This Neon style lightning bolt (£49.95) from A Little Lovely Company is perfect for any growing boy wanting a super cool room.  We have the neons in our shop window and they definitely attract attention.

neon lightning bolt

3) Indikidual come up with such fantastic prints and their Detective sweatshirt (£34.95) is just so brilliant.  We have the matching leggings too if you fancy them.

detective sweatshirt

4) Petit Collage offer some fabulous toys for kids and these new Pop-Out Dinosaurs (£9.95) are a sure fire hit.

pop out dino

5) The Play & Go storage bags have been a top seller this Christmas and number one is definitely the Roadmap (£34.95) version.  Toy storage bag on one side, awesome roadmap on the other.

play and go roadmap

6) We have a few Playpa packs left (£14.95), but they have been very popular.  Olli Ella have come up with the goods yet again!  Get the matching stickers too!


7) These Papu mustard slim baggys (£34.95) have such a lovely handle and the deep cuff means you can turn them up for when they're smaller and then just roll them down as they grow, so will stand the test of time.

papu slim baggys

8) Our Brikkon is nearly sold out, but you could probably bag a spaceship (£27.95) if you're quick!

brikkon spaceship

9) Clockwork Soldier always offer great imaginative play gifts and their Build a Mega-bot (£9.95) is no exception.

build a mega-bot

10) Petit Collage do it again with this Construction Floor Puzzle (£14.95).  It's great value for money and comes complete with its own carry handle, so can be taken anywhere!

construction floor puzzle

So that's it!  Our 2017 gift guide is over!  We hope you were just a little inspired and have managed to find the odd gift or two that's perfect for your wee ones.

Thanks for tuning in to our gift guide and for the support you've shown our small business & we genuinely wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lucie & Charlie