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New brand Bundle Beds

Charlotte Williams

Posted on December 10 2017

New at The Wee Store, we are very excited to introduce the amazing Bundle Beds!

Bundle beds - lifestyle

These beds are the ultimate in camping comfort!  They are built to last and come with a lifetime guarentee! 

Forget the old airbeds that pop or deflate after a couple of sleeps, squeak when the kids move, need a pump and have horrid synthetic covers, the Bundle Bed is here and will last, and last, and last!

Bundle bed

Winners of 'Platinum' at the Junior Design Awards, these amazing beds are the very best in camping comfort, with a mission to provide a great night's sleep, anywhere!

The Bundle Bed is a self-contained, fully-bundled bed, complete with a slim, but deceptively-comfortable self-inflating mattress, built in luxury duvet and pillow with ultra cosy sheets to provide comfort, warmth and a great night's sleep.

Bundle beds layers

The Bundle Bed is unclipped, unrolled, unzipped and it’s ready to use. Then in reverse (and just as quick), it gets zipped, rolled, clipped and you’re done! And of course it’s durable, washable and practical.


  • A self-inflating mattress - 5cm thick, ultra comfortable mattress.  No need to inflate, just roll out the bed and lie down.
  • Water resistant outer layer - Treated fabric that repels moisture.  Super easy to wipe clean.  Keeps the bedding protected.
  • Hydrophobic duvet - 15-tog cosy duvet.  Moisture wicking material stops you getting damp or humid at night.
  • Feels like down pillow - Made from hydrophobic synthetic down.  Super comfy for a good night's sleep.
  • Jersey cotton sheets - Ultra cosy brushed cotton sheets.  Easy to strip off and put in the washing machine.
  • Heavy duty buckles - Strong and durable for packing the bed down.  Attached with 4cm thick webbing with bar tack stitching.

Bundle beds camping

So whether it's a sleepover with friends, or a camping adventure for an intrepid explorer, the Bundle Bed has got it covered (and lovely covers they are too!) 


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